16 Jan

There will come a day

When the sun burns red

And your sorrows will fade

What a silly fate we lead

When the void consumes all

And the world is nevermore

Weary from the battles yet to come

When rays lick the surface clean

And scatter our essence among the stars

Then and only then shall I find home



15 Jan

Don’t talk to me today

My mind can’t withstand the gossip

You do not define my character

You define your own

Don’t talk to me today

For gossip has a way of killing

And characters often find solace

in destroying minds that aren’t their own.

Don’t talk to me today

You’re killing me in the words you speak

The solace you steal with your voice

Does not murder the life I call my own.

A Life of Adventure

31 Dec

A Life of Adventure: Adventures with UPS

An original online story (Please don’t hate me for my writing errors)


As each day of my dreary little life seems to muddle on into infinity, I start to contemplate a new one. A life of adventures and excitement, far from this desk I currently call “home”. To my left, the same clock that’s been tick tick ticking for the last two years of my life continues to drone on in my ears. A mind-numbing reminder that my life is not what is should be.

Sometimes I like to sit at my desk and let my eyes blur a little. It’s my favorite past time. But then my solace becomes quickly interrupted by my Coworker’s voice which sounds worse than nails on a chalk board. It feels like claws slowly dragging down inside of my chest pushing me a little more towards insanity every day. I often imagine myself coming unglued. That sweet moment in which I can give her a real piece of my mind, but of course I can’t. Waffle is the biggest snitch in this place, but by no means is she the only one.

You may be wondering, Why does she call her coworker Waffle? To be honest, I can’t remember anymore. My friend and only ally in the office, Sweet Cheeks, and I came up with the name at some point to avoid any class action suits or copywrite infringements.

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A Promise

30 Dec

I promise to thee herein,

that if thine love to perish

truly and eternally

mine heart hath paused

and death surely entered.


14 Jun

A persistent and suffocating fog

seeps through the fractures

abandoned upon my weary soul

The darkness spreads like illness

drifting from victim to victim

until it strikes down the weak

Some victims can be saved

while others are left in haze

and a chosen few accept their demise